Silver amalgam fillings have been used over the years as an effective and affordable way of repairing cavities. However, they can cause a number of unwanted side effects, and many dentists, including Dr. Bridget Lervick, no longer offer them. Instead, she is pleased to provide silver filling removal and replacement with a safer, alternative material that is much more dependable and attractive at her practice, Grandview Center for Dentistry. Below are some of the problems that are often associated with silver amalgam fillings and why many of our patients consider removal and replacement:

  • Mercury toxicity. Silver amalgam fillings contain mercury, a toxic substance that can damage the nerves and other organs in the body. Over time, this accumulation of mercury can cause neurological problems such as memory loss, confusion, insomnia, and headaches.
  • Medical side effects. Long-term exposure to silver amalgam fillings has also been linked to autoimmune diseases and reproductive issues.
  • Increased risk of infection. There’s also a possibility that silver amalgam fillings could corrode over time or crack, leading to potential irritation or infection of the gums and surrounding teeth. The fillings can also expand and contract with temperature changes, leaving areas around the filling for bacteria to enter.
  • Allergic reactions. Some people may be allergic to certain metals used in silver amalgam fillings like mercury and tin, leading to skin irritation or other symptoms.

Removing silver amalgam fillings can help to eliminate these potential problems. The process is quick, minimally invasive, and painless, providing you with a much safer alternative that won’t jeopardize your health. Dr. Lervick has extensive experience helping patients with silver amalgam fillings removed and replaced with biocompatible materials like composite resin or porcelain that look more attractive and require less maintenance over time.  

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