Who can I visit for dental implant restorations?

Dental implants are a popular and reliable tooth replacement option for many patients looking to permanently replace missing teeth. The restoration of the implant is done by our team at Grandview Center for Dentistry in Edina, Minnesota.

What happens during the restoration of a dental implant?

Dr. Bridget Lervick explains that the process of placing and restoring a dental implant typically involves a few steps.

  • Candidacy. First, Dr. Lervick will examine your mouth and take x-rays to determine if you are a good candidate for an implant.
  • Surgery. Then, Dr. Lervick’s team will schedule you to visit an oral surgeon, during which they will place the implant and make sure it is secure. After this, the surgeon may need to make minor adjustments or add additional material to ensure the implant is fitted correctly in your mouth. This may include placing bone grafts or using special screw posts for extra stability.
  • Abutment creation. The next step involves creating an abutment, which is essentially a connector between the implant and any artificial teeth that will be placed on top of it (e.g., crowns). The abutment holds the artificial tooth in place and acts as a support for it.
  • Restoration. Finally, Dr. Lervick will restore the dental implant by placing an artificial tooth or teeth on top of it, such as a crown, denture, or bridge. Dr. Lervick may also use special materials to ensure the restoration looks natural and matches your other teeth.

Once completed, you should have a fully restored smile! Whatever the situation, each step of the process is important to ensure that your dental implant is successful and secure long-term.

Find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants!

Before any steps are taken, it is essential to consult with Dr. Bridget Lervick at Grandview Center for Dentistry in Edina, MN, to see if you are a proper candidate for this treatment. An evaluation can be scheduled by calling (952) 955-4505 and visiting the office at 5201 Eden Avenue, Suite #120. We welcome new and returning patients from the communities of Minnetonka, Minneapolis, Eden Prairie, Bloomington, Richfield, and surrounding areas.