Using dental crowns to strengthen and protect a damaged natural tooth

Restorative dentistry is important in helping patients maintain their natural teeth as long as possible, enjoying the ability to eat and speak effectively. Teeth with significant damage may benefit from restorations such as dental crowns.

What is a dental crown?

Dr. Bridget Lervick of Grandview Center for Dentistry in Edina, Minnesota, describes a dental crown as a tooth-shaped cap or cover bonded over a tooth to restore its size, strength, shape, and color or to improve its overall appearance. Crowns are used for many different situations. They can hold together parts of a weakened or cracked tooth, cover teeth that have been severely worn down, protect a weak tooth from fracturing, cover misshapen or discolored teeth, and support a large filling when there isn’t enough remaining healthy tooth structure left.

What materials are used to make dental crowns?

Crowns are typically made from porcelain (ceramic), metal alloys, zirconia, or resins. Each type of dental crown has its own unique advantages and disadvantages in terms of aesthetics and durability. Porcelain crowns can be designed to match the color of your existing teeth for a natural look. Metal alloys are strong and durable but may not be as aesthetically pleasing as porcelain. Zirconia is extremely strong and resistant to wear and tear, while resin crowns provide a more affordable option that still looks great.

How long does it take to obtain a dental crown with Dr. Bridget Lervick?

The placement of a dental crown requires just a single office visit. With CEREC technology, your dental crown will be designed and fixed at the same appointment. First, Dr. Lervick will prepare the tooth by trimming away any decayed areas or damaged enamel and shaping it until it is ready for the crown. Digital images of your mouth are taken and sent to the on-site CAD/CAM software to design your crown. Once the design is complete, it will be sent to our in-office milling machine to create the crown; once the crown is made, Dr. Lervick will check for fit and bond the dental crown in place.

How do I take care of my new dental crown?

Crowns are strong and durable and should last a long time with proper care. To ensure your dental crown lasts as long as possible, Dr. Lervick recommends that you brush at least twice daily, floss regularly, and visit her for routine checkups every six months. With good oral hygiene practices and regular dental visits, your crown will provide years of beautiful smiles!

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